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These items are available through Russian River Counselors:


      • "Return to Health."  A 12 minute hypnosis video prepares the viewer for surgery.  Available in Spanish.  $40.00

"Asthma and Bonding."  A 25 minute video addresses the connection between asthma and bonding disruptions.  Includes the protocol for repairing the intererrupted bond.  $ 40.

"Asthma and Bonding for therapists."  A 45 minute video contains the portion in the previous video plus a demonstration of this therapy with a mother of an asthmatic child.  For therapists.  $ 75.

"Manual for repairing disrupted bonding."  A step by step manual that includes protocols for the use of hypnosis and EMDR for doing therapy with mothers who have bonding problems with their child.  It also includes an article from the Journal of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis on the use of hypnosis to repair bonding problems with asthmatic children and an article from Clinical Case Studies showing how to use EMDR for the same problems.  Although the articles focus on the treatment for childhood asthma, the same procedures can be used for any problem that is derived from a bonding disruption.  $ 50.


"Maternal Infant Bonding Survey."  Packages of 20 MIBSs, along with instructions of its use.  $60.



"The Mother and Child Reunion."   A book of stories about mothers with bonding problems and how they got repaired.  It includes chapters on the theory of maternal-infant bonding and how bonding problems happen, the protocol for repairing disrupted bonding, and the Maternal-Infant Bonding Survey.  $20.

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