Return to Health is a twelve-minute hypnosis video designed for patients preparing to be admitted to the hospital. It is intended to help them mentally and psychologically by engaging their unconscious minds in the process of healing.


The video presents beautiful nature scenes and Tibetan bells as a background

 to a hypnotic narrative which helps patients in their own recovery.

The script includes the following:

        a formal induction using progressive relaxation

        encouragement to relax mentally and feel safe

        instruction in mind-body interaction

        suggestions for sleeping, eating and eliminating well

        encouragement to be assertive with the hospital staff

        suggestions of pain reduction and accelerated healing

        anticipation of successful outcome and regained enthusiasm for life

Use of the Video

 Scheduling the viewing of Return to Health should include a period of pre-hospital exposure to the video and then daily viewings while in the hospital. A one-week preparation with twice-daily viewings is optimal. The video should be seen three times daily during the hospital stay. Some hospitals run Return to Health in their closed-circuit channel, at times that allow for more private screenings.

The video can be helpful for most hospital procedures including operations, chemotherapy, dialysis, use of respirators, recuperation from orthopedic procedures, obstetrical and gynecological procedures and other inpatient situations in which a good mental attitude will improve a patient's recovery. It is not intended for children under the age of twelve.



The narrative was written by Tony Madrid, Ph.D., a psychologist at Russian River Counselors, Monte Rio, California, and an adjunct associate professor at the University of San Francisco. The video was produced by Skye Davis of Multi-Image Video in Santa Rosa.

This hospital hypnosis video was piloted at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Two patient groups were used: women undergoing hysterectomies and patients receiving hip replacements. Nearly all patients reported feeling emotionally fit throughout their hospital stay. The medical staff indicated that they felt the video was effective and safe, resulting in increased patient compliance and overall well-being.

There is a product manual available on line: CLICK HERE.


David Cheek, M.D., Past President of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, writes,


This is a thoughtfully created tape recording for use with children and adults who are in pain, facing surgery, feeling discouraged or feeling ill. Because of its non-specific wording the subconscious mind of each individual who hears the message will process the suggestions according to his or her immediate and future needs. This is the benefit we get from unconscious thought.



 Return to Health can be obtained in any of the following ways: 

    • Physicians can buy this video and recommend its use to selected patients 
    • Patients, with their doctors' approval, can purchase the video 
    • Hospitals can contract for a licensing agreement 

The video may be obtained by contacting Dr Madrid at: 

Russian River Counselors
PO Box 519
Monte Rio, CA 95462

or by phone  (707) 865-1200 or email: